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NEW ALES on tap!

We have extended our selection of ALES for you :)

Right now we offer two extraordinary ALES from Kocour brewery - Catfish Sumeček and Kubik, APA California by Matuška brewery, Red Ale Cornel by Podklášterní pivovar v Třebíči and IPA Miroslav by Faltus brewery.

Come and see that Czechs are more than capable of brewing a pretty good ALE! :)

Pivní mapa

Pivní mapa - or "The Beer Map" in English - is a freshly opened bar in the city centre, where you can taste up to 45 beers on tap from local micro- and small breweries.

So, let's have a beer!

We opened the pub to help reestablish the Czech beer culture - which is now being devastated by the mass production of giant brewers, who control most of the market. In our pub you will always get only the best, unfiltered, non-pasteurised beers and ales from small producers.

Enjoy the best of beers that Czech Republic can offer. The interior is neat and the waiters are happy to help and advice.

No time to sit? No problem! On each tap, there is a very special PET-bottle extension, which allows us to offer you any beer to take away. Be sure we use only PET-bottles designated for beer storage.

The whole place is non-smoking.

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Pivní mapa, Legerova 78, Vinohrady, Praha 2 120 00 Booking: +420 721 250 180